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Tori Artman

I've been quilting more than 30 years. In 2018, I told my husband, Jason, that I wanted to purchase a longarm quilting machine and begin a small business offering longarm quilting service. He had no idea what a longarm was, but he was supportive and helped me choose a machine and rearrange our dining room to accommodate my passion.

He helped me launch Sew Quiltable in 2019 and quickly added an element to our business that I never expected--we make pop-culture inspired quilts featuring art by our friends in the comic industry. Jason designs and cuts all our quilts. During the pandemic, he spent the summer learning to sew in order to help me create enough pop-culture quilts to always be taking something new on our travels to Comic Conventions around the country.

My Story

Years ago my grandmother introduced me to a hobby that has become a lifelong passion; I love quilting, from starting with fabric to designing, cutting, sewing, quilting, and binding a project.  I made my first quilt, a double wedding band, in the summer of 1994 when I was in college and spent my entire winter break hand quilting it with my grandmother.  Since then I have lost my grandmother, but quilting with her is my fondest memory of making quilts. After that, I began to give quilts and quilted projects as gifts to family and friends until a few years ago when I started donating quilts to local organizations for raffles. That led to making commissioned quilts, designing and making something at someone's request. I am excited to now have my husband and both children helping me to make quilts and offer long-arm quilting and quilt-finishing services.  

The best part of making quilts for me is not only seeing my ideas come to life but also seeing the excitement on the faces of people who receive quilts; whether I am helping finish a project someone put hours of their own passion into or completing a project that was only an idea for someone a short time ago, unveiling a new quilt to someone is a special moment.  I would love to share this experience with my customers by either providing long-arm services to complete their quilts or by sewing and quilting their ideas into reality.

I also have finished products for sale if you are looking for a gift but not sure what you want. Perhaps seeing a finished project will inspire an idea of your own. If you need help making that idea become reality, I would love to be able to help.

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