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Sew Quiltable Artisan Series

We have been fortunate to work with a variety of artists, including The Chalk Girl and DC Comics cover artist Ryan Brown. They allow us to create custom fabric with their art and design quilts around that art.

Often it is these quilts that draw people into our booth at live sale events. 

Many of their works appear here and in our web store. We often post these projects while they are still works in progress on our Facebook page (@Sew Quiltable).

Message us to check on which of these collaborations are available currently or by special order, check our store, or keep up on our Facebook page.

Harley 2
Star Wars Portrait.jpg

The Chalk Girl

The Chalk Girl has become a good friend of Sew Quiltable and is largely responsible for building the idea of The Artisan Series. She specializes in art created with sidewalk chalk, and many of her popular images are the centerpieces of Sew Quiltable creations.

Growing from her own passion for drawing, an improvised first pop-culture convention appearance, and ultimately launching a business, "The Chalk Girl" is a popular figure at pop culture conventions in the Midwest, often drawing on her super-sized canvases in front of convention goers who buy her prints.

It was at a pair of conventions in 2019 in Chicago and Indianapolis that Sew Quiltable met The Chalk Girl, and the next spring the first Chalk Girl/Sew Quiltable collaboration was in the works. Today they have teamed up to create dozens of quilts together.

Find The Chalk Girl's work at

Ryan Brown

Dr. Strange

Ryan Brown is an artist living in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He is a Painter in digital and acrylic media, Cover Artist and Concept Artist. Ryan has worked on comic books, board games, video games, concept art and album cover and worked for most of the leading comic book companies.


Ryan and Sew Quiltable met at the C2E2 comic convention in Chicago, where Ryan asked "Will you make zombie quilts?" and we jumped on board. Ryan has a knack for creating scary images, and now those scary zombies are on our quilts. 

Find Ryan's work at

Brock Sondgeroth

Zombie Man.jpg

Brock Sondgeroth is an artist and art teacher. He has been a close personal friend of everyone as Sew Quiltable long before Sew Quiltable existed. Brock and Jason currently teach together but first met as high school football coaches in 2006. Their friendship and similar interest in a variety of things including sports, live theatre, comics, and art made them natural collaborators when Sew Quiltable and Brock's own buiness, BKS Art and Textiles launched within months of each other.

Brock's art is diverse, ranging from comic characters to landscape paintings. He works in acrylic, copic marker, and digital media. He has a growing fan base and can be found at a variety of pop culture conventions and fairs throughout the Midwest.

Find Brock's work at BKS Art & Textiles

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